Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Learn from Autistics

We've been lazy about updating this blog, mostly because we've been busy with a variety of professional endeavors. I'll offer a brief update on Mikan before I explain my new project.

Mikan is still using solid AFOs. He hasn't made very significant progress for a while and he is developing more tone as he grows. His neurologist and physiatrist are considering a medication called Baclofen to relax his tone and hopefully improve his balance. I'm not sold on this medication just yet since it doesn't really address his main problem (balance) and will weaken all of his muscles and not target the ones is having issues with. We visit with both doctors again this summer to reassess his development.

He just finished first grade and is doing wonderfully in school. Academically he remains on target or ahead of most of his peers.

On a different note, I recently was offered a publishing contract for a book I wrote based on interviews of twelve autistic adults! It is a guidebook for parents and caregivers of children on the autism spectrum based on advice from autistic individuals and their specific experiences growing up. The book will most likely be published early next year, and, as a result, I've been working on developing a website to help promote it. I plan to regularly maintain the website with regular articles and blog posts about a variety of topics of interest to the autism community. The goal of this website will be to constantly engage with autistics and connect parents with autistic voices.

Please check out learnfromautistics.com and share it with anyone who may be interested. Thanks!

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