Friday, June 13, 2014

Vision and Hearing

Yesterday an audiologist confirmed that Mikan has a mild low frequency hearing loss in both ears.  We have scheduled a follow-up appointment to discuss possibly getting him a hearing aid.  Mikan's past hearing results have never been definitive, and we began to wonder about his hearing because of his frequent requests for us to repeat ourselves.  His high frequency hearing barely meets the normal range. But he functions well at school and home, we just often need to repeat ourselves or speak louder for him to hear us.

When we first walked into the audiologist's room, she asked me, "Do you think Mikan has problems with hearing?"  I said, "Yes," but Mikan immediately interrupted me with, "No!  I can hear you just fine."  But unfortunately, the audiologist didn't chart that response and Mikan was still subjected to multiple beeps and phrasing tests.  He kept asking how many beeps were left and then just started raising his hand randomly, even if the beeps weren't sounding because he wanted the test to be over with.  I think that he thought that if he kept raising his hand, it would move things along.

Mikan also saw his eye doctor this week who said that his glass patching has been extremely effective over the past year.  His left eye has now caught up to his right and his overall vision is 20/60, which is permissible for daytime driving.  His prescription is also stabilizing, which is a good sign that the damage from his ROP may be under control.  We have taken the patch off of his left eye glass, so hopefully he will be able to see better for the next six months.  As long as his vision remains the same, we will lose the patch.

On a non-medical note, we were able to visit some of our good friends in South Haven last weekend.  Here the kids are enjoying the beach.

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