Monday, May 12, 2014

Gross Motor Setback

Our most recent physiatry appointment brought us a little disappointment.  Mikan isn't progressing with his left SMO, so he got fitted for a new pair of AFOs on both legs again.  Mikan is disappointed because he doesn't think he can run as fast with AFOs, but his doctor is still waiting for him to develop a better heel-toe walking pattern, which will hopefully prevent the need for future hip surgeries.  We are also trying kinesio tape again, but it never stays on, so I doubt it is doing him much good.

This summer Mikan is signed up for all sorts of exciting activities including swim lessons, an academic camp, baseball, and Vacation Bible School.  This will be the first summer off from full-time therapy he's had in the past three years and I think he is enjoying the change.

Enjoying goodies from an Easter egg hunt at our subdivision park last month

Mikan's new bike fitted with "fat wheels" and shoe holders.

Drexler leading the way on our walk through the park woods