Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Mikan

Today we celebrate the start of Mikan's sixth year of life (and Mikan woke up extra early to remind us).  It seems incredible how much our lives have changed since his birth.  Many would tell us this when we were pregnant, but it is impossible to know the depth of that truth until you live it.  We are incredibly proud of his hard work each and every day–hard work to be the best Mikan he can be.

On the Horizon:

-A follow-up physiatry visit to determine if Mikan can keep his left SMO or if he needs to return to an AFO.  To keep the SMO, he needs to exhibit more heel strike patterns and improved balance.

-Entrance into the high-ability program at his school.  This qualification means he will continue to receive differentiated coursework throughout first grade.

-Gymnastics lessons!  Mikan is really excited about joining a gymnastics class through a local recreation center for children with disabilities. 

-March for Babies.  This is the time of year we are trying to fundraise in honor of Mikan and so many others like him who have a rough start at life.  If you are interested in donating to our team this year, you can visit Mikan's March for Babies Page.

Below is a video montage of the past year of Mikan's life, along with a few brief trips down memory lane.

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jkhenson said...

Can't believe Mikan is already 6! Happy birthday!