Thursday, February 6, 2014

Months of the Year

These are Mikan's new "Months of the Year" orthotics.  Each time we go to the orthotics office to order new ones, we are handed the book of prints most kids typically like.  Mikan has never chosen one from "the book."  They are able to print anything on there he wants, so he always has his own ideas.  In the past he has asked for planets, letters and numbers, and states and countries.  He has one AFO on his right foot and a new SMO on his left foot.  We made the trip to see his physiatrist in Indianapolis today for a braces check.  I had the three kids by myself since John was speaking at the HASTI (Hoosier Association of Science Teachers, Inc.) conference in Indy today.

During the appointment (as I'm trying to have a meaningful discussion with the doctor), Drexler ate a few crayons, ate the paper lining the examination table, fell backwards down the steps leading up to the examination table, and pooped his pants (not necessarily in that order).  Anica and Mikan fought about whether the sole notebook I brought with us should be used as a "doctor's check-up book" or a "70-month planner."  It must have looked bad because when the doctor left to write her summary note, she asked to take Anica back with her while I "cleaned up."  So I took her up on it.  Anica felt special writing her doctor scribbles in the doctor's behind-the-scenes office.

The physiatrist thinks that he still needs to get more heel-strike motion with both of his feet.  Because he seemed to be balancing well while he walked, she said that she is willing to try the shorter SMO brace on his left foot for a few months to see if the increased range of motion will help further improve his balance.  We will go back to reassess his balance and ability to isolate foot movement (lift his toes and move them side to side).

A few lessons learned from driving three kids aged five and under more than three hours in a van (for the first time):
1. Make sure to choose the DVD that plays repeatedly and not the one that gets stuck at the start menu until you press 'play.'
2. Have plenty of food in the front seat to chuck back at them because you will miss the first few times.
3. If they are sleeping, don't stop.  Don't stop for gas.  Don't stop at a drive-through for coffee.  Just. Don't. Stop.

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jkhenson said...

I always love your updates! I bet you were exhausted when you arrived home after that trip! :)