Sunday, January 12, 2014

What's What?

It is hard for me to observe Mikan and not try to figure out why he does what he does.   Right now my mind puts behaviors into one of three categories...Because he's Mikan, because he's autistic, or because he has CP.

I am not sure if this is a fair or right thing to do, my mind just does it.  So here are some of those observations I'm recording here to let you know what he's up to.  

Because he's Mikan
He wants to take off all coats, jackets, sweatpants whenever we get inside from being outside (regardless of the temperature in the house-I often turn off the heat before we go out).   The conversation usually goes like this.
"Dad it's hot in here, I'm going to take off my jacket and pants."
I respond, "Oh, so we don't need to turn the thermostat up from 61 degrees, we can keep it there."
Mikan's response, "No, turn it to 70"
Me "How about 68"
Mikan "No, 2 more, 70"
Me "68, you said it was hot"

He wants to wrestle me and be lifted on up on my feet.
He looks forward to school, riding the bus, and swim school.

My gut/heart tells me everything should really be in this (Because he's Mikan) category, but that's how my mind treats it.

Because he's Autistic: 
Wants to wear jerseys or shirts with numbers on them all of the time.
Wants to draw timers or calendars.
Never introduces himself by saying his name.  He will not say, "My name is Mikan."
Wants to search for clocks/timers at Goodwill.
Wants to take something with him where ever he goes.  "Come on Mikan, let's go."  "No, wait. I need to bring something."
He looks at people eating ice cream and pizza as if they are crazy for liking to eat those things.
-But then I remind myself that I didn't wear shorts until I was in upper elementary school, because I demanded that I wore sweatpants.

Because of CP:
Opts to stay inside instead of going for walk on a day it gets up to 40 degrees.
Needs extra help at swim lessons getting in and out of the pool.

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