Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013 and an Orthotic Change

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our blog readers!  Our December was event-filled and will always be this way.  In December we celebrated John's 31st birthday, Anica's 3rd birthday, and Drexler's 1st birthday.  We also had our annual Pokagon winter vacation and had a wonderful Christmas week celebrating with both sides of our family.  Mikan got a plethora of calendars and washable markers, Anica's favorite gift was paint, and Drexler liked his squeezable fruit and veggie pouches.

Last week I took Mikan to visit his physiatrist.  She was pleased with how Mikan has kept good range in his ankles, so she said that further Botox wasn't necessary.  We were happy to hear this because we weren't planning on continuing the Botox due to his marked gross motor slide back directly following his first round of injections this summer.  Hopefully we can keep him loose enough to avoid the necessity of this treatment in the near future.

Additionally, she said Mikan's left foot appears to have enough "active" range, that she has ordered him to downgrade to an SMO on that side.  So he will wear an SMO (orthotic that rises just above his ankle) on one foot and his regular AFO on the right side.  Mikan is excited about ordering new orthotics because he can pick his pattern.  He said he wants the months of the year on one foot and the days of the week on the other one.

Mikan's school holiday party, making ornaments.

Mikan tasting some of the treats he used to make his gingerbread house with his ABA therapist

Snooping on Christmas Eve with his cousins

Reading the note from Santa that points out his "nice" and "naughty" highlights of 2013

Christmas morning breakfast

Drexler's birthday donut

Drexler running to laps instead of opening presents

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pokagon State Park 2013

Last weekend we vacationed at Pokagon State Park.  The kids enjoyed tobogganing (although Mikan won't admit it), making crafts, singing carols, and swimming.  It was a great trip to get everyone in the holiday spirit.  Below are some pictures of the kids scoping out the toboggan run.

We just learned today that the adapted chair we ordered for Mikan 3 months ago was never ordered.  His new walker came in today without the chair (which was ordered at the same time).  I am unhappy, especially since I called to follow-up several times over the past 3 months.  Mikan could really benefit from this chair, which will provide added stability for eating and table work.  It looks like we will be waiting several more weeks/months.  Time to complain to the home care owner.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gobble Gobble Turkey and Triscuits

We were fortunate to spend Thanksgiving with many family members and friends.  Mikan's kindergarten class celebrated Thanksgiving week at their school and had different Thanksgiving foods in school each day.  Mikan was a good sport about trying small amounts of different things although he clearly didn't like them.  When the real thing came around, all he ate were Triscuits.

It seems like this is the first year that Mikan is really aware of and interested in Christmas and learning about Jesus' birth and Advent.  Last year, I remember him only being mildly interested in opening presents and having some basic understanding of someone coming to our house to drop off presents.  He has been asking a lot of questions about Christmas, like, "What is a nativity?" and "Why couldn't Jesus be born in a hotel?"  But he also isn't deaf to the consumerism abounding on the radio waves.  In the car today he asked me, "Why is everyone talking about Black Fridays?"

Mikan was only interested in putting one ornament on the tree (A Magic Johnson basketball player ornament).  Everything Anica put on the tree, Drexler pulled off.