Friday, September 6, 2013

More Heavy Stuff

Mikan climbing on the spiderweb at the zoo playground on his ABA field trip last week

More Equipment on the Horizon: It just seems that whenever I think we are leaning towards simplicity, extra stuff gets thrown our way.  Now we are looking at ordering Mikan a speciality walker and adaptive chair.  Although he is fairly independent, his progress is plateauing and as he gets older he wants to do more.  The walker will hopefully help him keep up with his interests and the chair will preserve his strength during meals and his drawing time (his favorite activity), providing him more stability without "W" sitting which is harmful for his hips.  Lately the goal has been preserving muscles and alignment so that future surgeries are not necessary (or at least fewer than they would need to be otherwise).

Mikan is loving kindergarten.  He is easily completing all of the academic tasks, and his favorite topic right now is the calendar, so he loves all of attention paid to the days and months of the year.  Next week the class will be broken up into ability groups for reading and math and he will begin working on advanced curriculum. He is coming home talking about his friends and different activities he does during the day, so we are excited that he is enjoying school and seems to be adjusting well.  

This week he said that he played basketball on the playground with his friends and made up the rule, "Whoever doesn't make a basket wins."  
I asked him, "So did you win?"  
Then he said, "Everyone won."

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