Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Surgery Update

Mikan's most recent Indy extravaganza went according to plan.  Last Tuesday he met with his physiatrist for an evaluation of the effects of his botox injections.  She said that she was pleased with his increased range and improved quality of his gait.  She wants to see him again in November to see if he can maintain some of this progress.  If so, we will likely delay any further botox treatment.  We are hoping to only use them when really necessary, but his doctor may have other plans.  They will most likely be necessary for Mikan as he grows so that his heel cords do not become too tight.  If they are too tight, then he will need a heel cord lengthening surgery.  This surgery may need to be repeated if he can't stay flexible.  We don't like to think about this road ahead for him because it isn't one of continued progress.  We will keep praying for him and hope that he finds peace and comfort with his physical condition as he grows.

On Wednesday Mikan had his g-tube stoma stitched closed.  We were having problems with leakage and bleeding (despite the fact that his tube was pulled over a year ago), which indicated that the hole had never healed on its own.  Mikan has been proudly telling everyone that his second belly button is gone.

Mikan keeping himself occupied while we waited for our pre-surgery room.  He kept moving the hands of his clock along with the digital clock on the waiting room wall.

Mikan in recovery, more than a little irritated that the IV board is on his drawing hand and it couldn't be removed all night.

Anica keeping Mikan company

Feeling better by the weekend.  Tractor ride to the peach orchard.  And yes, this was the best of several photos taken on the tractor (meaning you can see the highest percentage of kid faces).

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