Thursday, June 20, 2013

Surgeries Surgeries

Mikan will most likely receive his first botox injections in a few weeks.  We are anxious to see how the treatment might help him and if there is any permanent carry-over.  Although he can walk independently, his gait is awkward, and he still falls a lot, and I'm surprised he doesn't have more muscle injuries.  Unfortunately, he doesn't communicate pain all that well, and his high pain tolerance leads me to think that he really does experience pain on a regular basis, he just doesn't talk about it.

Additionally, we will be seeing a pediatric surgeon soon to consult about the possibility of closing Mikan's g-tube site.  We have noticed dried blood around the area several times, and many of Mikan's doctors have suggested that this warrants attention.

Underwear Head Night

Splash Pad

Drexler doing some bucket-ab work

Monday, June 3, 2013

Natural Environment Training

Summer fun in the sprinkler

This week Mikan's Natural Environment Training (NET) begins.  After his normal ABA schedule, from 5-7 one evening a week, a BCBA behavior consultant will come to our home (or park or wherever we happen to be at that time) and observe our evening routine with Mikan.  She will then offer suggestions to help with specific problem behaviors (including eating, sharing toys, etc.).  I am looking forward to gaining more advice about how to help Mikan succeed.  We think ABA has done wonderful things for Mikan.  We will most likely transition out of the ABA program some time in the fall since his consultant thinks he will be ready.  I am looking forward to more typical routines.