Thursday, May 2, 2013

March of Dimes Walk, a Schooling Change-Up, and The Book

Last weekend we participated in the annual March for Babies walk.  We want to thank everyone who donated to Team Mikan Boy.  The weather was perfect, the kids loved the bounce houses afterwards, and we all got to explore the minor league baseball stadium.  

After much discussion with Mikan's doctors and therapists, we have made the decision to send him to a half-day preschool program next year instead of kindergarten.  He will remain in ABA therapy for the remaining half of the day as planned, but we have decided to transition him into a mainstreamed preschool setting rather than kindergarten due to his social immaturity.  I still feel like I have to explain what he wants or intervene whenever he is approached by a typically developing peer in order to maintain the conversation between them.  We are optimistic that this will give him a chance at a more typical social experience.  His ABA program will continue to give Mikan opportunities to explore his academic interests so that he won't become bored. 

Finally, I recently self-published several print copies of my personal essay collection about Mikan's birth and the first three years of life.  It is available for purchase through  You can also click on the book cover on the sidebar.  Please share this with anyone you think may be interested in our story or may benefit from it.

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cy said...


I repeated kindergarten with my son Ryan. He was a great student but very immature. He is now finishing his first year of a 5 year residency in Urology. It worked for Dr. Werntz.