Friday, April 12, 2013

More Testing

Mikan's new planet AFOs

Well, Mikan has made some eating progress at his ABA school.  His therapists report that he will spontaneously ask to add nutella to toast or crackers.  However, this hasn't transferred to home yet.  He is still compartmentalizing his eating.  This is definitely a new texture for him, and we are trying to continue to offer it in a non-threatening manner.

Next week Mikan will continue to be tested for special education services at the kindergarten he will attend part-time in the fall.  We will hear the school psychologist's results of her autism testing.  Even though Mikan already has a classic autism diagnosis from a pediatric psychologist, he needs to be diagnosed again by a school psychologist in order for it to be written on his IEP and receive special education services.  As a part of the testing, John and I had to fill out a questionnaire about Mikan.  According the the test, Mikan doesn't score high enough to be diagnosed with autism.  But this isn't the only assessment that is used to determine eligibility.  While seeing Mikan's tremendous growth is inspiring, I can't help but be extremely frustrated with the assessment.  His autism hasn't disappeared (even if he now has some strategies to cope), and if this test is unable to determine that, then it is just another example of a standardized test failing to measure what it is set out to.  We are hoping he will be able to have autism as a diagnosis written into his IEP.

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