Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

We were very blessed to be able to spend so much time with our family over Easter.  The kids participated in several Easter egg hunts and even behaved themselves at church.  It was a wonderful weekend.

Mikan's OT at his ABA school recommended an additional therapy called TheraSuit therapy.  The facility that offers it is a 45-minute drive from our house.  They use a special suit and intensive exercise program to help "eliminate pathological reflexes" and establish "new, correct, and functional patterns of movement."  We are looking into the commitment to this program.  He is already pretty scheduled, and we were considering adding an additional feeding therapy program in the fall (once he goes to part-time at his ABA school), so another therapy would make his plate quite full.

Other medical updates:

Mikan recently got new AFOs made from a more flexible plastic.  Of course, he chose planets as his design.  I'll post pictures soon.

Mikan's eye doctor said that his left eye is much weaker than his right and is considering having him wear an eye patch to help strengthen it.  If this happens, you can be sure there will be plenty of daily pirate jokes.

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