Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Medical Updates

John was invited to speak at a TED conference in California to give a professional development talk on teaching and help develop a short lesson plan for students.  He got to avoid the winter storms here and stay at a resort in sunny Palm Springs.  I was home playing zone defense with three kids.  Mikan came down with some kind of respiratory virus that led to a fever.  The doctor said it wasn't the flu, so he is just riding it out.  He seems to be doing much better.  

I am in the middle of organizing all of Mikan's special education testing for kindergarten.  He has to be tested for autism again in order for it to placed on an IEP.  Since we are planning on starting him part-time in the fall, all of his testing needs to be done soon.  He also has several doctors appointments coming up and a possible surgery to close his g-tube stoma.  During his illness, clear fluid began leaking in a steady stream from his stoma (which has never happened since the tube was removed in June).  This is a sign that things haven't healed properly and he will probably need to have a surgery to fix it.  There also is a chance that the lining of his stomach has been torn and he may need an ultrasound to check the status of that. 

Mikan and Drexler Playing "Horse"

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Snapshots of Autism

While Mikan certainly has made many improvements in basic socialization skills, his perseverations continue.  He can be persuaded to participate in different activities, but, when left to his own devices, he will draw planets, line up balls that he labels as planets, or watch solar system videos on YouTube all day long.  Some people may think this is typical kid behavior (having a particularly narrow interest for a period of time, but his behaviors aren't normal.  It is different.  But that's just another thing we love about him.  


Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Note to Grandpa and More

This is pretty much what our house looks like in just about every room (There is some kind of planet/star/galaxy/dwarf planet arrangement.  And don't you dare kick one out of place (Anica) or Mikan will unleash his wrath upon you.  Anica likes to run up to his lineup and yell "Soccer!" as she kicks each one.

A note Mikan wrote to Grandpa.  Grandpa wasn't around at the time.  I guess he was just especially irritated with Anica?  Maybe she was kicking too many planets.

Dry winter air

Hanging with Drexler, or as Anica calls him "Dreshejeler."