Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ABA Update

Mikan's fascination with the planets and outer space has rubbed off on Anica.  She knows all of her planets and asks to watch videos of them on YouTube just like Mikan.  Here is a video of them jamming to their favorite YouTube planet song.  Lyrics below for those who don't speak the "excited Mikan and Anica" language.
Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars, Jupiter, Saturn (those are the big ones), Uranus and Neptue, but not Pluto!  Those are the planets!....unintelligible interlude explaining some planet facts...Repeat chorus.

After meeting with Mikan's ABA therapy consultant recently, we've learned that Mikan may be ready to transition into a regular kindergarten in August (at least part-time).  This is earlier than we anticipated, so we are excited about his progress.  They've said that he is learning so quickly that they hope he will be ready to start in August.  They came with me to observe at a public school near our house and seemed confident that Mikan would do well there.  If our insurance approves it, Mikan will attend the regular kindergarten along with his ABA therapist for a transition period of up to three months before he goes by himself.  If our insurance denies this service, then we will try to send him for half days until we think he is completely ready.

 Anica's leftover oreos that she fed to her stuffed dog after she licked all the icing out of the middle.

Snuggling with Drexler  

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