Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pokagon 2012-Life's Irony

We had a great time at Pokagon this year.  Jenna started having contractions, we came home a day early.  Mikan begged for tobaggonning and went down three times.  Two of which he was in the front of the sled.  Mikan and Anica loved swimming with cousins on Friday night, and visits to the nature center.

However, on the ride home, Jenna had two contractions.  I am listening to a country station.  Tim McGraw's "Don't Take the Girl" comes on.  I'm listening, intently.  First verse, second verse, then the third verse doesn't play.  It gets interrupted by a nationally syndicated Saturday night country music show.  The third verse doesn't play. Morning commute rosaries pay off.  Thank God and we'll keep you posted.

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jkhenson said...

Eagerly awaiting updates on the Gensik family :)