Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mikan eBook and Oregon Baby

I published my first ebook on the iTunes store.  The content is largely drawn from my Master's thesis about Mikan, but I added a few essays, photos, and video.  Follow this link to view it in the iTunes store (But I Did Everything Right is the title).  I've been told that it can only be downloaded on iPads right now, but I am trying to figure out how to make it readable on any Apple device.  I'll update soon.

John and I seem to think that Mikan is making progress in his modified AFOs.  He is able to pick his legs up and bend his knees a little more when he is walking, which will hopefully give him good practice with a more natural-looking stride.  His balance is still terrible, and he falls all the time, but he keeps trying and doesn't resort to crawling, so he must be pretty comfortable.

Mikan talks about the new baby a lot now.  I think he understands that it is coming soon.  He keeps asking questions about what the baby will be able to do (go potty on the toilet, sing the state song, talk, know about planets, etc.).  I've been trying to prepare him for the fact that the baby will cry and poop a lot (and it won't be on the toilet) and that he'll have to teach the baby everything that he knows.  He seems excited.  He also tells me daily that he has a state in his belly named Oregon that will come out soon too.

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