Saturday, December 22, 2012

Family Welcomes Baby Drexler

Baby #3 (Drexler John) was born December 20th.  7 lbs. 12 oz. 19 3/4 in. long.  Mikan and Anica are excited about having a baby in the house.  Mikan is very interested in what the baby knows and is able to do and how much he can teach him.  When he first met Drexler, he asked us if he knew his states.  When we told him that Drexler didn't know any states, Mikan walked up to him and sang the state song in a whisper next to his head.

It is very encouraging to see Mikan so interested in his baby brother.  What may appear like normal curiosity in the video below is actual such tremendous progress for Mikan.  For him to engage with other kids and initiate interactions is a great breakthrough in his socialization skills.  The appearance of Baby Drexler has reminded us of how far Mikan has progressed and made us realize how important his siblings are for his development.

BTW, Mikan nicknamed the baby "Pancakes" before he was born.

 Anica kept saying "I want to hold it!" and reaching her arms out for Baby Drexler.  I have a feeling she will be a good helper at home.


Angela said...

This is all too precious for words. Congratulations, Gensics! You have such a beautiful family!

jkhenson said...

What wonderful news! Loved the pictures and video! Congratulations to all the Gensics! Merry Christmas!