Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012: The Evolution of Mikan's Costume

For the past six months, Mikan has been talking about being a caterpillar for Halloween.  He likes orange, so I made him a costume out of a sweatsuit, orange duct tape, and one of Anica's headbands.  For the subdivision Halloween party he dressed like this:

He didn't really enjoy wearing the antennae that long because they kept sliding in his face.

Then, a few weeks ago, he started talking about dressing like the planet Saturn.  I didn't want to buy or make him a new costume, so I started convincing him that the stripes on his costume were Saturn's rings and the antennae were Saturn's moons.  He actually seemed ok with it.  But I think at school when he told his therapists that he was dressed like Saturn, they felt sorry for him and fixed his costume a little.  When I picked him up from school he looked like this:

 Sophia, Mikan and Anica at Mikan's school before
Trick-or Treating

He had all of Saturn's 62 moons hanging from the ring.  So he loved his new costume and we brought the ring and moons with us trick-or-treating.  Which was fine until he decided it was too cold and he wanted to just ride in the stroller.  Then he had a few M&Ms, which made his face chocolatey (which looked like dirt) and people began guessing that he was an escaped convict.  I can see where they'd get that.

Bottom line: I made an extremely versatile Halloween costume this year with some good ol' duct tape.

And Anica was a pretty cute witch too.

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