Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmas List

Mikan's Christmas List

I love this list.  Only four things and nothing too expensive.  This year I'll have to collect all of the freebie calendars I can and give them out to him as small gifts throughout next year.  I was disappointed the election updates were past Mikan's bedtime.  He would have loved seeing all of the maps.  I will have to show him replays on YouTube.  I think his love of drawing is genetic.  A new package of markers and a blank piece of poster board excites me as much as it does him.  The poster board has been a great motivator for potty training though.  He has been regularly peeing and pooping on the toilet and tells us when he has to go.  Just in time for a new one in diapers.  Thank God.  

During our last meeting with Mikan's ABA therapist consultant, she mentioned that Mikan has been progressing so rapidly that he will soon meet all of the verbal goals on their speech development chart (which they refer to as the VB Map).  They will continue to work on social skills that he will need for kindergarten or first grade.  While we won't know for sure, she thinks Mikan may be ready to transition to a regular kindergarten classroom in a year (maybe January of 2014).  During this transition they go with the parents to help observe and select the best classroom for their child and then therapists will actually attend school with the children for a period of up to three months (which is what insurance will pay for) so they can help the child and teacher set up the best possible environment for success.  We have been told that we should prioritize small class size in our decision.  With our backgrounds in education, we understand how important this is for students of all abilities.  Anyway, the screening process will begin soon even though he still has a long way to go.

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