Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Alaska Potty Humor

I found this video while looking through some older files.  It is neat to see how far along his speech has come.  This video is about a year old.  

Below is a video of Mikan singing the state song.  I'm sure this isn't the first time I've posted him singing this song, but we have to listen to it all the time here, so I guess I'll just give the rest of the world an updated taste of our lives.

A picture Mikan started drawing of the United States.  
His marker slipped and made a brown mark at the bottom of Alaska (located at the bottom left of the picture), so he said that Alaska was pooping.  He even added some dialogue to the picture and drew a piece of poster board (just to the left of Alaska's head) that Alaska got as a reward.

Mikan wanted to take a picture by Grandma and Grandpa's flowers only if the number four was allowed to be in it too.


the three wise menn said...

i love alaska pooping. :) and we too get are plagued with...i meant get to enjoy....the united states song. and because it starts as it ends (fifty nifty united states....) it is sung in a loop. :)
i love to see your updates. he's one smart little guy!!

DevonLeah said...

PRECIOUS!!!!!!! Love to see his progress!!