Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hanging Out in Mom and Dad's Bed/ Physiatry Update

Mikan recently had a physiatry appointment in Indy.  We saw a new doctor since his old one was on sabbatical.  We discovered that the first physiatrist he saw is now seeing patients again at a new hospital that is a little closer to us, so we plan on transferring back to her.  We were very confident with her judgement.  Anyway, this new doctor confirmed all of the past doctors' assessments: ataxic-like movements, suggesting neurological impairment with balance and coordination.  He has good range and not really any concerning levels of spasticity.  This doctor gave us the go-ahead to remove his backstrap from his AFO to give him more ankle range and allow him to develop more of his muscles needed for walking, running, and squatting.  Mikan is excited about ordering new braces with planets and Backyardigans on them. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Alaska Potty Humor

I found this video while looking through some older files.  It is neat to see how far along his speech has come.  This video is about a year old.  

Below is a video of Mikan singing the state song.  I'm sure this isn't the first time I've posted him singing this song, but we have to listen to it all the time here, so I guess I'll just give the rest of the world an updated taste of our lives.

A picture Mikan started drawing of the United States.  
His marker slipped and made a brown mark at the bottom of Alaska (located at the bottom left of the picture), so he said that Alaska was pooping.  He even added some dialogue to the picture and drew a piece of poster board (just to the left of Alaska's head) that Alaska got as a reward.

Mikan wanted to take a picture by Grandma and Grandpa's flowers only if the number four was allowed to be in it too.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmas List

Mikan's Christmas List

I love this list.  Only four things and nothing too expensive.  This year I'll have to collect all of the freebie calendars I can and give them out to him as small gifts throughout next year.  I was disappointed the election updates were past Mikan's bedtime.  He would have loved seeing all of the maps.  I will have to show him replays on YouTube.  I think his love of drawing is genetic.  A new package of markers and a blank piece of poster board excites me as much as it does him.  The poster board has been a great motivator for potty training though.  He has been regularly peeing and pooping on the toilet and tells us when he has to go.  Just in time for a new one in diapers.  Thank God.  

During our last meeting with Mikan's ABA therapist consultant, she mentioned that Mikan has been progressing so rapidly that he will soon meet all of the verbal goals on their speech development chart (which they refer to as the VB Map).  They will continue to work on social skills that he will need for kindergarten or first grade.  While we won't know for sure, she thinks Mikan may be ready to transition to a regular kindergarten classroom in a year (maybe January of 2014).  During this transition they go with the parents to help observe and select the best classroom for their child and then therapists will actually attend school with the children for a period of up to three months (which is what insurance will pay for) so they can help the child and teacher set up the best possible environment for success.  We have been told that we should prioritize small class size in our decision.  With our backgrounds in education, we understand how important this is for students of all abilities.  Anyway, the screening process will begin soon even though he still has a long way to go.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012: The Evolution of Mikan's Costume

For the past six months, Mikan has been talking about being a caterpillar for Halloween.  He likes orange, so I made him a costume out of a sweatsuit, orange duct tape, and one of Anica's headbands.  For the subdivision Halloween party he dressed like this:

He didn't really enjoy wearing the antennae that long because they kept sliding in his face.

Then, a few weeks ago, he started talking about dressing like the planet Saturn.  I didn't want to buy or make him a new costume, so I started convincing him that the stripes on his costume were Saturn's rings and the antennae were Saturn's moons.  He actually seemed ok with it.  But I think at school when he told his therapists that he was dressed like Saturn, they felt sorry for him and fixed his costume a little.  When I picked him up from school he looked like this:

 Sophia, Mikan and Anica at Mikan's school before
Trick-or Treating

He had all of Saturn's 62 moons hanging from the ring.  So he loved his new costume and we brought the ring and moons with us trick-or-treating.  Which was fine until he decided it was too cold and he wanted to just ride in the stroller.  Then he had a few M&Ms, which made his face chocolatey (which looked like dirt) and people began guessing that he was an escaped convict.  I can see where they'd get that.

Bottom line: I made an extremely versatile Halloween costume this year with some good ol' duct tape.

And Anica was a pretty cute witch too.