Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Food "Frenzy"

This is the darling smile of a boy that has just started to try new foods.  I'm not sure how it happened, but something has clicked inside of Mikan lately, and he has been much more curious about different foods.  At a fish fry last weekend, I set my plate down and began digging in our bag for the foods I had brought for Mikan to eat.  Before I could even set up his plate, he had grabbed a piece of fish from my plate and began taking small bites.  Not only has he never eaten fish, he has never even acted interested in it.  I can't even put into words how monumental this is.  He went on to eat the entire piece of fish and ignored the Pringles and M&Ms on his plate.

Earlier this week he ate grilled chicken nuggets from Chic-fil-A and took a couple bites of garlic toast. He even asked me about what I was eating one evening (pasta with marinara sauce).  Instead of showering him with excessive praise, we are completely ignoring these small breakthroughs in the hopes that he will begin to feel more comfortable eating on his own and not feel like it is a big deal.  The toughest part of it is that we have NO idea why he is doing "well" now, so it is hard to know how to duplicate these situations.  He's had small breakthroughs in the past and then they seem to fall off, and he retreats to his old ways for months at a time.  I feel good about this time though.  It seems different.  He seems more engaged.  We'll see...

Mikan especially likes the parks near our new house.  One has several hopscotch boards with numbers and a large map of the United States.  Obviously, these are favorites for Mikan.  Last time we went he wanted to eat his picnic snack in Alaska.

This sign hangs above each of the toilets in our house.  Mikan's ABA center recommended using a constant visual reminder to reinforce toilet training.  He LOVES drawing on poster board.  But it is expensive, and he goes through it at lightening speed.  If you visit our house and poop in our toilet, don't expect poster board though unless you bring it yourself.  I have to provide enough for Mikan.

Anica's breakfast this morning.  She got it out of the freezer and began eating it herself.  She's had a cough and sore throat, so I allowed it.  I get the Bad Mom of the Day award I guess.

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Jamie said...


Just wanted to write and let you know that I still keep up with Mikan. So glad to see him making great strides in eating! Both Mikan and Anica are absolutely adorableby the way. You guys are doing a great job.