Wednesday, September 5, 2012


We've been a little absent in the blogosphere lately, busy with our move.  Although we are still living out of bags and boxes, we are officially living at our new residence.  This house is 12 minutes from Mikan's ABA therapy school, which was the primary motive for the move.  Next week he will be starting his ABA 3 full days and 2 half days.  We are planning on scheduling him for PT during the mornings of the 2 half days.  We've decided to drop the OT and ST since he is receiving those services regularly through his ABA program.  We have been very impressed with the quality of treatment he has been receiving.

Mikan likes the new house and doesn't appear to have any problems with the transition (except that he likes it so much that he wants to stay here instead of go to school in the mornings).  The day is long for him (8 hours), but he does well, and we continue to see progress.

Potty training is going well.  He still doesn't tell us when he has to poop, but if we are paying attention, we can read his body signals and take him to the toilet.  However, he still needs motivation to go.  Tonight after I took Mikan to the toilet to poop and he refused, John went in with him.  John told him that if he pooped on the toilet, he could write a number 4 on his chest.  Mikan's eyes lit up and he pooped within 2 seconds.  Mikan requested a purple marker and drew a 44 on John's chest.  Whatever works, I suppose.


the three wise menn said...

favorite potty training motivational story ever! :)

Angela said...

Oh to be young again! Glad the move went well!

Vickie said...

If you google potty training charts, there are all kinds of free charts.

Since he likes numbers he might get a kick out of something with #1 and #2 concept.