Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Little Offbeat

This was a picture taken from a beach trip last weekend.  Yes, it was the best picture I had of Mikan.  He was really excited about wearing his new life jacket, but unfortunately he only wore it on land and refused to wear it in the water.  As you can tell from the picture, it was a little choppy on Lake Michigan, so the kids had a good time bobbing up and down with the waves in their raft.

We tried to go to the beach again this morning, but our car refused to start after we stopped at a vegetable stand along the way.  We were able to jump it and drive to a shop a few blocks away from our house though.  We couldn't get it started again after we turned it off.

I am in week 21 of this latest pregnancy and things appear to be progressing normally.  I already had a cerclage and am receiving weekly progesterone shots to prevent premature labor.  I have limitations on activity (no jumping, jogging, exercise of any kind except walking, lifting over 20 lbs, etc.), but I haven't needed to be on bed rest, which is a blessing.

Mikan's ABA therapy seems to be going well.  We are beginning to notice improvements in eye contact, self-correcting his mixed up pronouns and quicker response times when he is asked to complete a task.  He still claims that he "doesn't like his friends" at school, which is something he has always complained about ever since he started at his regular preschool.  He says he likes his teachers though.

So he may not be a social butterfly.  We've pretty much seen that one coming for awhile.  There can't be too many truly great people who were described as social butterflies though.  He thinks on a different level than most of his peers (and adult caregivers).  Example: One morning this week he drew some sort of blob with a smiley face inside of it on a piece of paper.  He asked me if I knew what it was.  After studying it, I said, "A cloud?"

Mikan responded, "No! Papua New Guinea!"

Of course, Papua New Guinea.  And it sure did look like Papua New Guinea.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Inside the Journal of a 4-year-old

We were somewhat reassured by Mikan's most recent nutrition visit.  Although he hadn't gained any weight, he maintained his previous weight for the past two months.  We know we have a long way to go before Mikan is in a healthy eating pattern, but at least he is sustaining himself.

He is also making tremendous progress with potty training (thanks to his ABA therapy).  We adopted their potty training program at home, and now he pretty much stays dry all day.  He still doesn't tell us when he has to have a bowel movement, but all of the pee is making it where it needs to go.  Thank God.  Maybe we won't have three kids in diapers in December...

One of Mikan's favorite hobbies is writing.  He will write and rewrite his ABCs and numbers 1-100, then he will write them in block format and add smiley faces and hands and legs to each letter and number.  After he is bored with that, he will begin to draw pictures or write sentences, usually about his day.  I found this one on the back of one of his notebooks this morning.  I'm pretty sure it refers to the fit he threw last night with John over not wanting to get out of the bathtub.  I rewrote the words below if it is too difficult to read.

"Today Dad and Mikan told that Mikan needs to get out of the tub but no."

For anyone wanting to take a trip down memory lane...One of my essays about Mikan from our time in the NICU was recently published in a new IU literary journal (The same essay I read on our local NPR station a few years back).  Here is the link if anyone is interested: