Sunday, July 22, 2012

G-tube Update

Last week Mikan saw the surgeon who checked his g-tube scar.  He said that it didn't look like any stomach contents were leaking, but the redness and drainage may be due to his skin rubbing together since his skin kind of collapsed in on itself as it tried to heal.  He wants to let us watch him for another 7-8 months before we decide on a revision.  However, if the site begins to bother him, he will fix it up right away.  I don't think it has bothered him too much yet, so we plan on giving it some time.  Avoiding/delaying another surgery was good news to me, and, since I celebrated my 29th birthday on the same day as his doctor visit, I considered this part of my present.

Mikan will have a weight check soon, his first since ditching the g-tube.  I am fairly certain he has lost weight, but I don't think he is wasting away.  Hopefully time will help with this as well.

Right now we are going through the process of finding a new house in a location that will centralize all of Mikan's therapies (PT, OT, ST, and ABA).  Right now his therapies are separated by about a 70 minute drive.  Moving seems a little overwhelming, but cutting down on the driving that I will have to do with all the kids in the car will definitely be worth it.

Mikan proud of his upside-down dressing.  Boxer shorts on the head and tank top on the bottom.

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