Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sleeping with Asia

Mikan no longer naps during the day in his bed, but he will regularly fall asleep in the car or bus on the way home from therapy or school in late afternoon, or sometimes he will lose consciousness on the couch while watching a DVD (next to a state, country, or continent, of course).

Mikan still hasn't kicked the respiratory illness he's been fighting the past week.  It may be turning into a sinus infection, I'm still not sure.  But he acts fine and is eating regularly (for him), so I'm not too worried yet.

I am most excited that he has begun to ask for juice regularly.  He will take about 4-5 ounces per day (without me asking or encouraging him), which is tremendous progress.  He starts an ABA program at the end of this week that also said they could work on our feeding goals with him.

I initially thought the ABA-style feeding therapy program directly conflicted with the strategies we've been using over the past 2 years (food chaining, no external motivators, following Mikan's lead, etc.); however, when I gave the program director a list of things we did and didn't do in relation to Mikan's feeding and provided her a thorough explanation of our demands, she acted like this was not a problem, and that our strategies didn't contradict their program.  We will still approach this issue cautiously, especially since we are hoping Mikan will get his g-tube out next month, and we don't want to jeopardize his progress.

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Kevin ~ Faith ~ Bellamy said...

reading you last blog... faith is doing the same thing.... and she sick with same stuff.. is crazy, how big thy are growing!!!