Monday, May 7, 2012


Practicing his swing

We had another weekend of illnesses-this time runny noses, congestion, and coughing all around.  Fortunately, Mikan's oral intake has remained stable-perhaps a first.  He hasn't been sleeping well though, which means neither have John or I.  This morning he work up at 5:30.

Small Breakthrough of the Week:
Last night after I finished reading Mikan his bedtime books, he was staring into space and drinking his milk.  After several seconds of silence, he started giggling.  This was our conversation:
M=Mikan's dialogue

"What's so funny?"
No response.
"What are you thinking about?"
M: "Anica." (She wasn't in the house at the time.)
"Is Anica a funny girl?"
M: "Yes."
"What does she do that's funny?"
No reply.
"Remember that time when she put her blanket on her head?"
More giggling.
"That was funny, wasn't it?"
M: "And she talks."
"Does she say funny things?"
M: "Yes"
"Like what?"
M: "Like Peas." (This is how Anica says "please.")

Then we went back and forth exchanging different variations of words that Anica says and mimicking the funny way she says them.  This may sound like a simple story, but it really seemed profound to me, so I began trying to dissect why.  I think it is because Mikan only initiates conversations about things he wants, things he observes, or numbers.  But last night he was thinking about not just one event, but a series of things his sister does (and she wasn't even in the room, in other words, he didn't just observe her saying them). 

Several weeks ago, Mikan was riding with one of his cousins (also 4 years-old) in a wagon to the park when I caught a glimpse of what his social future may look like.  His cousin said "We're going to the park." and Mikan replied "We're going to New Mexico."  His cousin looked at him funny and said "No, Mikan, we're going to the park."  Mikan responded, "We're going to New Mexico!"  Then Mikan continued to repeat "We're going to New Mexico!" and  "We're almost to New Mexico!" for a few blocks after which his cousin said, "Ok, stop, you're freaking me out." 

I did have to laugh though when we got to the park and his cousin asked Mikan "What's a New Mexico?"

But Mikan's language skills are improving, and I see hope for appropriate peer socialization in the future. 

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