Wednesday, April 25, 2012

March of Dimes Walk 2012

Thanks to everyone who donated to Team Mikan Boy this year! This was our third March for Babies walk, and we were happy for your help to support an organization very close to us. Mikan begins his ABA therapy in the middle of May part-time and then full-time in June. From the research I've gathered there appears to be some competing philosophies about treatment for high-functioning Autism. Some advocate ABA therapy regardless of the severity, while others claim that high-functioning kids should be mainstreamed as early as possible and as often as possible. We can see the benefit to both scenarios; however, this is not a situation that can be generalized. Right now we feel it is best for Mikan to receive aggressive ABA therapy three days a week to help him gain social skills necessary for school (primarily, decreased perseveration on numbers; he talks about them all day). He will attend a general education preschool the other two days in addition to going to his other therapies (ST, PT, and OT). The goal of the ABA program is to help transition him to a full-time kindergarten class without assistance. While he appears to be doing reasonably well in a general education preschool now, he still gets notes sent home daily with bad marks for "playing with friends." We hope this intervention now will lead to more success in school and at home later. We also don't think the three days of "regular" school he is missing a week will be a detriment to him in the fall. He will most likely transition to more mainstreamed school days by winter or spring. Where he will attend kindergarten is still up in the air, but we don't plan that far ahead. We've learned it isn't that efficient.

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