Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cocoa Pebbles

Since Mikan's autism diagnosis we have been considering the possibility of a therapy dog. I never thought I would ever get a dog (especially before my kids were old enough to take care of it), but I feel like I can't argue with "what might be best for Mikan..." Anyway, I am trying to figure out details about the process now.

We are also looking for ABA (applied behavioral analysis) therapy in a group setting in our area. This may be another regular therapy we will need to add to his regimen.

Cocoa Pebble Progress

Anyone who has been following this blog already knows what a great step this video documents. We're hoping that it is a permanent step rather than a novelty instance which we see so frequently with his eating. For those who aren't familiar with how great this accomplishment is, let me break it down some of the exciting details:
1. Mikan is using a spoon. His sensory issues have prevented him from being comfortable using utensils with his food.
2. The fact that he can coordinate gripping a spoon and bringing it to his mouth shows that his nervous system has matured.
3. Mikan's sensory issues have prevented him from eating anything wet besides milk from a special cup. Anything. So the fact that he is allowing his cereal and milk to mix and still eating it is a huge breakthrough for him.

My mom made Mikan a "food wall" for his birthday. It is a floor to ceiling shoe holder that she stuffed with different kinds of foods and labeled them with different numbers. I was floored when Mikan approached it and started to grab some food. We are hoping this approach continues to work for him. I am always looking for new ideas.

Mikan's superhero outfit. He asks to be called "Yucky Man" when he wears it.

Playing at the Art Museum Park in Indy before our appointment

Another hard-core Alex and Leah fan


Angela said...

Love. This!

Kathy Radigan said...

I love the Super Hero costume!! Yucky Man is great!! I love the food wall, what a great idea!! Great news about the coco pebbles!