Tuesday, March 27, 2012


What is it?

Mikan's answer: Anica sleeping with a #4 blanket.

ABA Update: We are on three different waiting lists for ABA programs in "our area." Our ideal scenario would be sending Mikan to an intensive ABA therapy/school program for a few days a week and then sending him to a regular, general education classroom the rest. We don't know how feasible this is with the ABA programs we are working with. We're not really sure what is best for him right now, we are just looking at all of our options. The hope is that he would only need the intensive therapy/school program for one or two years and then we could continue the program at home or outside of the normal school day once he is in kindergarten or elementary school. Anyone with a child who has special needs has probably heard the mantra of "early intervention" during the "most formative years." We are trying to get access to as many interventions as possible right now so that hopefully he will need fewer later.

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