Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mikan's Puzzle

Mikan is pretty whipped when he returns home from school. He sometimes falls asleep wherever I leave him.

Can you see what Mikan spelled?

Medical Update:

*Next week Mikan visits his developmental psychologist who will most likely slap another label on him.

*Early April Mikan visits his developmental pediatrician who will provide us with input about possibly removing the g-tube. His pediatric GI will also have a say, but that appointment has yet to be scheduled. By the way, I happened to pick up the most recent issue of Parents magazine in the library while the kiddos were playing and I noticed an article on picky eating. The article included an interview with Mikan's GI doc (Mark Fishbein). Kind of neat! The article didn't tell me anything new, although I did have a chuckle over a line about "most patients" seeing food chaining progress "within a few weeks." I'm not pessimistic about the approach, it was just another reminder of Mikan's "differences" within an already "different" group of eaters.

Other Updates:

*Mikan has developed an affinity for Mo Willems books (Piggy, Gerald, and Pigeon)
*When he pretends to be Baby Jaguar, he uses the pronoun "I" correctly (otherwise he still refers to himself in the third person)
*He has taken to imitating John's pre-wrestling call of "You can't handle me!" (in other random non-wrestling settings as well)
*Mikan has walked all the way to the library we live by in town (about 1/4 of a mile). What an accomplishment.

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