Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Pooping, Peabody, and Progress

Mikan pooped for the first time on the potty! But the only reason he did was because I saw him straining so hard and I took him to the bathroom in time. In the past, we've never known until he was finished. Unfortunately, ever since we stopped using his g-tube, his bowels have suffered. He sees his nutritionist again next week for a weight check. I am praying he gains weight, because his pooping problems combined with another weight loss won't help our efforts to ditch the g-tube. His solid eating remains dismal. Pringles and cereal to be exact. But he is interested in other foods, so we are trying to take advantage of this and provide him with new experiences.

Mikan's PT has been pleased with his gross motor progress. She is excited to see how he works with his new braces. He should get the new AFOs in a few weeks.

Mikan's OT recently retested his fine motor according to the Peabody assessment. Four months ago his grasping ability was at eleven months. Now it is at forty. As his core strengthens, the rest of his body is falling into place.

On a side note, I welcome any suggestions to get our thirteen-month-old to SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT. I am convinced I am doing something desperately wrong. Mikan hasn't been sleeping great either, so we are all a little tired here.

Did your three-year-old ever tell you his dreams? Last night Mikan said he dreamt that he went to Egypt and there was a number four on the ceiling.

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jkhenson said...

Neither of our girls told us their dreams when they were that young, but Madeline, our youngest thought a dream actually happened. She said something once like, "You remember? That time we were all carrying umbrellas and fighting the snakes that chased us into Grandpa's barn?!" And we said that must've been a dream... she was INSISTENT that it had happened... but it hadn't. :) No sleep suggestions you haven't heard before, I'm sure. :)