Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Testing and Mikan's Free Time Continued...

Mikan's developmental psychologist's office called to schedule his next visit. He will see her in early February. At this appointment, he will udergo formal Autism Spectrum testing. We've been told for the past three years that he has exhibited signs of being on the mild end of "the spectrum." I'm training myself to fully anticipate a PDD or Asperger's diagnosis so that at the least I can be prepared or pleasantly suprised after the visit. I'm gradually coming to the conclusion that the label won't change anything about him or our relationship with him. As he gets older, if his social skills don't improve, he may have the opportunity to participate in behavior therapy with a diagnosis. Or maybe we can teach him to count cards, and we'll take him to Vegas.

On the lighter side...Here are some activities Mikan has completed this week.

(It says "Bats are for playing." His English teacher mom is proud of the punctuation at the end of his sentence.)

I must admit that he did ask me to help him spell "Pierre."

When Mikan asked to put Anica's barrett in his hair, I decided it was time to cut the winter wool.

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