Saturday, December 3, 2011

G-Tube Trouble

Mikan jamming to his state song.

This week the inevitable happened...Mikan's g-tube broke. After nearly two years of no problems, a part near the area where we insert the extension tubing broke off. We aren't using the g-tube right now, and we were hoping to get rid of it entirely in the spring, but this breakage prevents it from staying closed and leaves more area open for debris to enter the stomach. So, we are going to have to change it. Our options are to switch back to a Mic-key tube which, while easier to insert, caused him tremendous difficulty in the past, or replace it with the kind of tube he has in (a Mini-One non-balloon), which needs to be inserted by a doctor and is a pretty painful procedure. We had so much trouble with the Mic-key (infections, granulation tissue, the balloon breaking when we weren't aware of it) that I can't imagine switching back to it, even for only six-seven months. I feel terrible that Mikan has to go through the switch though when we were relatively close to getting it removed. He's pretty tough though.

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