Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sick Again

John and Mikan at a creek running through Warren Dunes State Park.

Mikan has had a fever for the past three days. He also has a little redness around his g-tube. His doctor thinks it is viral, but we are supposed to watch him carefully for another few days to make sure. None of us have been sleeping well. Mikan also hasn't eaten any solid food in several days- unless you count one piece of Life cereal. His fluid intake has been steady though. He is supposed to have a weight check tomorrow (assuming he is feeling well enough). Mikan has taken to watching Dora the Explorer when he is sick. It is kind of a tradition now.

Anica took her first steps last week. It is crazy to watch how quickly her gross motor skills are developing. We have a new appreciation for each little benchmark. Every time she corrects her balance, I am pleased with her progress, yet remain sympathetic for how difficult these small tasks are for Mikan still.

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tlwetzel721 said...

He really is something special :) I hope that he get's better soon and even more through time. And your daughter is just as equally precious! :) Please give them each a hug from me! Such a beautiful family...