Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mikan's Free Time

This is what Mikan does during his play time. See the picture below. I'm not sure where April was hiding.

Below is a picture of Mikan with his "class pet" that he took home for the weekend. Charlie got plenty of love and some alphabet lessons from YouTube.

Mikan has also taken to browsing YouTube for French videos. He is practicing the alphabet and his numbers. John and I joked about getting him a Rosetta Stone program for Christmas (either Japanese, French, or Spanish). We are a little worried that we wouldn't be able to understand anything he said though.

Although Mikan has been doing well drinking his Pediasure, he hasn't been interested in eating much over the last several days. I hope this isn't a sign of another dry spell to come, especially since we have been ordered to avoid using the g-tube.

This past week John and I attended the March of Dimes Signature Auction. We enjoyed the kid-free evening. A lot of money was raised for a lot of babies!

This weekend we spent some time hiking at the beach. We had it all to ourselves.

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