Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Therapeutic Listening

Mikan is trying therapeutic listening in the home. We rented special therapeutic headphones from his OT. Twice a day for thirty minutes, Mikan listens to modified songs that are aimed at regulating his sensory system. The brochure we were given states that "By providing precise input simultaneously to both ends of the vestibular-cochlear continuum, Therapeutic Listening can have a positive impact on sensory function and on the nervous system as a whole." "[those who use this technique are] better able to orient and attend to salient sensory information and regulate physiological states. Having a solid foundation in these important skills then frees up valuable cortical resources for connection, engagement, communication, new learning, and other higher level skills."

The CD sounds pretty normal except for a few scratching/skipping sounds periodically. Mikan loves listening to it. It relaxes him and helps him focus. We are supposed to trial this technique for three months, possibly longer.

On the nutrition front, Mikan lost a pound over the last two months, so his developmental pediatrician wants us to push for more ounces of Pediasure. It is very difficult to both allow him to get hungry and manage his own appetite by avoiding the g-tube, and then making sure he is getting enough to gain weight. I am hoping this is a result of his recent sicknesses and only a temporary setback. His oral intake is still limited, but at least he is eating regularly.

Over the weekend Mikan enjoyed a cider pressing party at Grandma and Grandpa's and a baptism for his "aunt" Sophia. Mikan did great in church. He was reciting a few states and capitals for any parishoners who needed a review, but we didn't have any major meltdowns.

On a different note, John has just developed a Biology study app called Bio on the Go that is now available in the app store. He has been working very hard on this for the past year. Click on the sidebar button to check it out.

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