Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Mikan has had a barrage of minor illnesses ever since school has started. Runny noses. Diarrhea. Fever and vomiting. Fungal rash around the g-tube. Athlete's foot?

Mikan's toes have blisters all over them. They are very painful. We have been trying to keep his braces and shoes off as often as possible and use a prescription antifungal cream. Of course this means he can't walk, which is frustrating for him. His PT said this is common for kids who wear AFOs because they sweat so much.

Despite all of his "ouchies" as he calls them, he is still good-tempered. He even asks that I sing a song about his "ouchies" before he goes to bed at night. I'm not really sure what he expects me to sing about, perhaps he just wants to remind me that he has them. He also adds to his nighttime prayers now "no more ouchies."


Kathy said...

I just marvel at how kids who have to deal with so much manage to handle it better than any adult I have ever known. My daughter who has special needs has had Whooping cough, if you can belive it, and yes, she was vacinated. For the last two weeks we have seen her cough so hard she turns red and throws up, yet right after she has a coughing fit she is smiling and playing like it neve happend. Thank you for sharing your preicous and very handsome son with us! I hope he feels better very soon! I love your no more ouchie song!! Just great!!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

Aw poor kid. :( That's so sad!

DevonLeah said...

prayers for no more ouchies!

Laura@Catharsis said...

Oh my goodness, how sweet. No more ouchies. It's so hard being a parent, knowing your child already has challenges, and then seeing more added to his plate. School is a breeding ground of disease. My kids always come back from daycare that first week with all kinds of illnesses, and it doesn't seem to let up until spring. My thoughts and prayers are with your little guy. I hope he feels better soon.