Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Juu Cookie

Mikan visited his eye doctor today. His prescription has gotten slightly stronger. The doctor says this is typical and it may even be that because Mikan is older and tolerates the exam better, the doctor can accurately assess Mikan's visual needs rather than evidence of a worsening condition. He said Mikan's near vision is being corrected well, so this will hopefully translate into an ability to drive later on (You need to be at least 20/50 to drive); however, he was cautious to predict anything for certain.

Mikan's obsession with finding letters and numbers in anything seems to be a little worse lately. I'm not sure what is triggering it, but we are trying to redirect his attention. I thought his perseverations were lessening, but this past week has given me my doubts.

On the bright side, Mikan's walking is continuing to improve. He still falls a lot and needs to have his hands high in the air to balance, but he tries hard and prefers to walk now instead of crawl. He's getting there!

Below is a picture of the cookie Mikan wanted to make last week. He wanted the number ten. Or, as he requested in Japanese "juu!"

Also, congratulations go to John for being named a Jacobs Educator for the Indiana University School of Education. He recently won this award for innovative and engaging use of technology in the classroom. Here is the link to the article from our local paper.

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