Monday, September 12, 2011

Hungry Boy

Well the stars have aligned. God has answered some prayers. Or maybe Mikan just hates the soy milk we've been offering lately. But something has kick-started Mikan's appetite for solids. He's been shoveling in cereals, goldfish, Chex-Mix, pretzels, and popcorn like he's been doing it his whole life. Consequently, he has refused his milk, and we've had to use his g-tube pretty regularly. However, we don't mind since this interest in food is something we've been working on all year.

We've started a "Yummy Yucky" chart at home. Mikan tastes a food and then labels it as "yummy" or "yucky." Then we put a picture of the food on a chart under the appropriate label. He's been so interested in the chart that he has even tried some foods just to label them as "yucky." The goal is that, with repeated exposure, he will eventually give yucky foods a better rating. It is a strategy from a book called Food Chaining that I recently read.

There are so many variables that affect Mikan's behavior every day that it exhausts me to even speculate sometimes. I don't know why he started eating. There are many possible reasons. All I know is that I will continue to thank God every day for Mikan's progress and pray for the wisdom to help him in the areas in which he struggles.

After a follow-up visit with the GI doc, we learned that Mikan has no lactose allergies or signs of reflux.

This past weekend Mikan attended his first wedding and reception (My godfather's daughter). He loved swimming at Nina and Poppi's hotel between the wedding and reception and dancing with the Irish band later that night.

Mikan enjoying some zoo time before his GI appointment.


Jamie said...

that is such great news! a testament to your dedication to Mikan's needs...really! it is so fun to check in and see the amazing progress he is making! you go Mikan!

Kara @ Just1Step said...

What a wonderful praise!!! Children are so funny...they'll just do random 180s and we have no idea why. I'm so happy for you guys...hopefully his solid adventures continue. :)

Kathy said...

What great news!!! Great idea with the chart!! You guys are just amazing, I love to visit your site and read about the things you are trying and how Mikan continues to make progress! Thank you for sharing your wonderful family!!

DevonLeah said...

LOVE his voice, I get so excited over Mikan videos, and that alligator is FREAKY!! (our zoo doesnt have them where u can see them thru glass!!?)

Im so happy to hear of him eating some things!!!!!!!