Sunday, August 28, 2011


Mikan's upper endoscopy went as well as it could have. If I counted correctly, I think this is Mikan's 10th surgery/procedure with anaesthesia.

Before they wheeled Mikan back, a nurse explained that one of the anaesthetic drugs they may use on Mikan they refer to as "the Michael Jackson drug" because it was the drug that killed him. Needless to say, this didn't settle us down. Too much information. Nurses, keep this to yourselves.

Everything appeared normal. His nissen is still intact, and he didn't have any narrowing in his esophagus. The doctor ordered some biopsies to test for food allergies and reflux. We will see the results in a week or two. So...we still don't know the root of Mikan's eating plateau. His GI doctor thinks it is most likely a hypersensitive pharynx and that he will grow out of it. I don't know what to think anymore. He exhibits symptoms of many problems and then none of them at the same time.

His GI doctor also told us that if Mikan's g-tube fell out, he didn't think we needed to replace it. We were pretty shocked by this since Mikan isn't eating ANY food, but since he is able to drink all of his calories, the doctor said the tube isn't serving the need it once was. We plan on discussing this with his developmental pediatrician and possibly another GI before we follow this plan.

This week we head down to Indy again for a developmental pediatrican appointment and a psychological evaluation. We are trying to sort out whether Mikan's delays are related to his a)cerebral palsy, b)his Retinopathy of Prematurity, c)his sensory processing disorder, d)a possible placement on the autism spectrum, or e)another condition we haven't heard of that someone will try to label him with. This evaluation will help us determine whether or not we have the proper treatment plan in place for him.

On a positive note, Mikan's vocabulary continues to improve. He is fascinated with the planets right now. He has labeled each room in our house as one of the planets. He sleeps on Mars, eats on Venus (drinks milk), plays on Saturn, and goes potty on Mercury.

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DevonLeah said...

First off, my stomach dropped when I saw the pic of him in the hospital on the dashboard!
Secondly, Im glad it came back normal, but stinks there arent answers. =(
He looks SO different w/o his glasses and he is still one of the cutest kids Ive ever seen.
Crazy about the gtube comment. Although that scares the hec out of me (for it to fall out and NOT replace it thinkng hed always drink his calories!) but can you believe he is at that point?! Our boys have come so far. Thank you, God.....
Hope you find answers soon...hugs