Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mikan playing at a park in Ft. Wayne that was designed for handicapped children.

We enjoyed the past week visiting with our families. We appreciated everyone housing the four of us and our endless stream of bags. Mikan spent a lot of time at the zoo, parks, and splash pads of Ft. Wayne.

Mikan picked one blueberry off of a bush yesterday and decided he'd had enough. I guess John will have to do most of the picking without the kids this year.

We received scheduling confirmation from Shriner's Hospital in Chicago. Mikan will be evaluated in early August.

This past week Mikan's eating has been terrible, and he has had several gagging fits. He will cough up clear mucus at times. My hunch is that this is related to an allergy problem, but I can't be sure. This gagging is assaulting his already meager eating skills, so we'd like to get it under control.

Last week John played a radio game and won 2 Josh Groban concert tickets.
So, since
a)Josh Groban is my favorite singer,
b)John makes fun of Josh Groban any time he hears him on the radio, and
c)my birthday is next week,
I'm using the tickets and taking one of my friends to the concert in Indy. Thanks John!

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Lindsey Corbin said...

are you guys going to the reunion???