Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Happy Birthday to Mom

Last week's storm blew down a walnut tree in our neighbor's yard, which fell on our massive sycamore. Both caused damage to our wood shed and fence. John spent the past week cleaning up our backyard. Most disappointing is the fact that our now damaged sycamore will have to be removed. All of its gigantic limbs are now hanging over our house. It has nothing to balance on the opposite side. It's HUGE. Removal is not an easy task. We are still waiting for quotes from several tree removal companies. Our insurance company will pay for the damage done to our house if it falls during the next storm, but they won't pay to get rid of it ahead of time.

Mikan's gagging fits and refusal to eat anything except Pediasure continue. We see an ENT this week for help.

Yesterday during therapy, Mikan's PT said she didn't think Mikan had any overwhelming muscle or tone abnormalities. The quality of his walking is poor, but she thinks he has the ability to do it. He will walk short distances for us, but nothing substantial. He is still very unstable and prefers to hold one of our hands. We know it will be a slow process though. We return to Indy for an eval in early August, and we have our first Shriner's appointment in Chicago soon too.

Mikan's favorite game right now is pushing Anica down when she sits up. It's almost like a compulsion. If she's sitting up, he MUST go push her down and laugh. I told him he'd better be careful because she'll be strong enough to scoot around soon, and if she is anything like her mommy, then she isn't going to just sit there and take it from him. He really does love playing with her though. They will just stare at each other and giggle, then roll around on the ground and hug.

It's my birthday today. All I want from my kids is a tolerable dinner out that doesn't draw too much attention from strangers.

Mikan and Anica in her baby bathtub.


Michelle and Sean said...

Hope you got your birthday present from the kids!!!

They are adorable!!

Sorry to hear about the trees. Its strange how insurance companies work. They will pay for damage to the house if it happens but they won't cover fixing the trees. Weird. Hope that all works out for you!

Happy Birthday!! I'm always checking in to see how you guys are doing and to see your adorable kids;-)

Kara @ Just1Step said...

I hope they gave you your birthday present!! Children are such pain and such joy all rolled into one.

Essential Mama Baby said...

Hi John and Jenna, I just gave you the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out @www.essentialmamababy.blogspot.com