Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gagging and Princesses

During Mikan's last ENT visit, we didn't learn anything new. She wanted him to try a higher dose of Zyrtec and then a nasal steroid to see if the drainage and subsequent gagging would cease. So far we have only increased the Zyrtec and nothing has changed. He still gags frequently (during meals and between) and refuses all solids. The ENT said if the nasal inhaler doesn't work, then she would refer him to an allergist. In the meantime, we are also looking into feeding clinics in central and southern Indiana. On a positive note, she said that because his sleep study was normal, he could finally get rid of the biox! That red probe has been attached to his poor fingers, hands, and toes for more than three years. When it finally leaves our house (as the last of several monitors), it will mark the end of an era of machinery.

This weekend we celebrated the adoption of my new sister, Sophia. My parents have acted as her foster parents from birth (three years ago), and now it is finally official. Although she's always been accepted as one of the family, it is exciting that we know she is here with us to stay. We are pleased my parents have unquestioningly cared for her when she needed it most and that she'll never have to worry about a stable home life in the future. So, Mikan is four months older than one of his aunts. I'm sure odder situations exist. Her adoption party included a Disney Princess moonwalk. Sophia liked that there were pictures of princesses, Mikan liked that it was a castle, and John liked that there was a basketball hoop inside.

Sophia and Mikan

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DevonLeah said...

catching up on your awesome family. Sorry about the continued eating problems....feeling your pain. Anica is getting big super fast. And how cool about your new sister. Hubs and I are in the process of doing that ourselves. We arent fostering, but are going straight to adoption. Hugs!