Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sleep Study and Shriner's

Mikan "holding" his sister

Mikan's sleep study results came back "normal." We haven't discussed them with any doctors yet, but it sounds like he may not need a tonsil and adnoid surgery, at least not yet. We are pleased with this news. "Normal" is often a word we don't hear around Mikan.

Mikan's gross motor progress remains slow. While he can hobble short distances around a room, I still wouldn't say he could walk yet. He is very unsteady, but he tries hard. We have a follow-up appointment with his physiatrist in Indy in August. We also just found out that his application to the Shriner's Hospital in Chicago was accepted. They have a large physical rehabilitation center where Mikan will receive treatment. We don't know much about the process yet. Right now we are trying to collect as much information as possible to make sure we are doing everything we can for Mikan.

So far Mikan hasn't passed two hearing tests because of constant fluid retention. This will most likely spell tubes soon. We have been able to avoid them this far because he doesn't get too many infections. However, since he can't seem to pass a hearing test, this seems to be the logical next step. His speech is really starting to take off, but we wonder how much more he could be doing without the fluid. We have an ENT appointment to discuss this next month. We aren't excited about another surgery; however, this should be a cakewalk compared to what Mikan has already endured.

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Michelle and Sean said...

So happy to hear his sleep study came back normal! That is great news!

I do wonder if the fluid in his ears is affecting some of his balance. It may not be all of it but it could be some. When Taveon gets fluid in his ears he can't walk straight. In fact before he got his first tubes at 9 months he could barely sit up and couldn't crawl or anything because he was so wobbly. Then he got them and was trying to crawl immediately after. We can always tell when he has an infection because he will run into things all the time and he leans to the side when he walks. Anyway I hope tubes will help him.

Cute pic, they look so good!