Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sleep Study and Goats

Last weekend Mikan celebrated his cousin Tyler's second birthday with some slip 'n' slide fun. We also went to the zoo on Memorial Day.

Tuesday night Mikan had his repeat sleep study to check for signs of sleep apnea. John spent the night with him and he reported that Mikan was "outrageous" for about an hour and a half while they tried to stick all the probes on him. He returned home with a bloody nose and goop all over his head. We don't know when to expect the results.

Mikan has finally begun to drink a little water. We make him take a drink of water before he gets his milk. Now it's a routine for him, so he'll take an obligatory sip or two everytime he asks for milk, and then he'll say, "All done drink of water," and pushes it away. At least it's a start.

I think Mikan's favorite part of the zoo is being able to pet and brush the goats. Below is a video of him trying to keep up with them.

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