Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seeing Summer

Currently, I am doing research at Notre Dame to study retinas of zebrafish. Which is pretty cool in itself, but especially interesting considering Mikan's retinopathy of prematurity. Zebrafish can regrow damaged retinal cells, and have retinas with very similar structure and function to human retinas. Therefore, scientists study these fish with the hope of being able to treat humans with retinal issues.

I think Mikan's vision issues have had a huge impact in his development. Whenever Mikan reads words and books that are beyond his age, I credit it to his vision problems. Mikan's visually clear world is up to about 8 feet away from him. Books and words are within that world. Other distractions are limited. I think he likes reading because he can't see well. And who knows what he'll be able to accomplish because of an affinity for reading that he would not have otherwise been able to do?

I don't personally know anyone besides Mikan that has retinal problems (that I know of). I know Stevie Wonder is blind because of ROP. I wonder if he would have developed his musical talents as much if he could see.

So, by doing research and treating people with non-life threatening issues are we taking away potential gifts that only surface when humans are forced to adapt to difficult situations?

It comes down to this...

"Does Stevie Wonder want to see?"

I'll assume yes. But maybe not. So let's keep researching.

My favorite Stevie Wonder song...

My seond favorite Stevie Wonder Song...

Might there be more racism in the world without Stevie Wonder's ROP?

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Kara @ Just1Step said...

Very interesting thoughts! God definitely sends blessings in disguise. :)