Saturday, June 4, 2011

First-Ever Family Camping Trip

We took the kids on their first-ever camping trip. It went surprisingly well. We may actually do it again sometime. It probably helped that our expectations were very low with a 3-year-old and five-month-old. Mikan loved it and wanted to begin sleeping in the tent as soon as it was set up. We camped at a site within walking distance to the beach, so we set up camp and took the kids to see the water. Mikan wanted to swim in the water, but then quickly changed his mind when he realized how cold it still was. Below is a brief slideshow from the trip.

We've been trying to take Mikan to the grocery store with us as often as possible because he seems to eat what he picks out. His diet is still extremely limited, but if he picks something out he likes in the grocery store, he usually will eat it at home or in the car, or at least lick it. Below is a video of our little grocery shopper. Unfortunately, giving him some independence in the store often means that anyone else who shops there gets a few Mikan germs on their produce.

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