Friday, May 20, 2011

Meet Dorothy

Meet Dorothy. Mikan's first pet. Dorothy is actually a male, but Mikan doesn't care. He/She is named after Elmo's pet goldfish, and Mikan loves her. Mikan thinks Dorothy likes the states as much as he does, and he has offered to drop some of his states puzzle pieces and magnets in her bowl for her to look at. Yesterday he fed her a piece of rice cake. She's not floating at the top yet, so no harm done that we can tell.

Earlier this week we visited another opthamologist who said that he would prescribe an even stronger prescription than Mikan's old glasses. He wants us to try and encourage Mikan to use his old ones when he is looking at things far away, like in the car, or at the zoo. When we've tried switching back to the old glasses in the past, he resisted us, so we didn't push it. We are going to make an effort to switch them more often now. The doctor said that the strength difference isn't earth-shattering though, so if Mikan hates his old glasses, then we shouldn't force him to wear them. Like we could anyway.

The opthamologist explained that even though near-sightedness deteriorates slowly with age, because kids have an ability to hyperfocus, strong lenses shouldn't hurt his near vision until about age 10. However, he did say this was an estimate and weaker lenses wouldn't hurt his vision, he may just not be as functional. So our goal is to try and figure out with which pair he maximizes his functinality at specific times, and then encourage him to use the appropriate pair accordingly. Mikan did fall asleep in the middle of the eye exam, so the doctor admitted his prescription was a little bit guesswork.

I've been starting to feed Anica cereals and purees. I hope this gets Mikan more interested in eating. I let him watch me feed her and then show him the empty bowl. So far it hasn't translated into him consuming any more, but he did grab her spoon and hit her in the mouth a few times with it.

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